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Happy Spring - April News
New Look - Same Service
How did it get to be April already? I do hope you’ve enjoyed the winter!
I’ve been very busy in my “downtime.” You’ve probably noticed my newsletter has a new format. You will find it is much more mobile-friendly if you like to read e-mail on your phone. This year I’ll be doing a series on Bugs: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. I hope you enjoy it and find the information useful in your own backyard.
The Patio Plants Unlimited website also received a facelift over the winter. You might even see some pictures you recognize! I’ve posted some new information there - specifically a page on how-to program your timer. If I installed your drip irrigation system using a hose-end timer but you’ve misplaced the paperwork that went with it, you can now find the instructions on my website - click on "Timer Instructions" on the menu line.
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Landscape Design Services
In case you didn't know, I also offer Landscape Design Services. My main focus is landscape design for the do-it-yourself homeowner. Save money by doing the work yourself and enjoy that sense of accomplishment that comes from a job well done. Whether you have a new house and need to plan the entire yard or would just like to fix up a trouble spot, contact me to get your plan started!

I have a new website just for the landscape design side of my business. My special thanks to my daughter, Amelia, who drew the pretty leaves on my logo and to Debra Elliot of Life Light Creative for the design work on both websites.

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Spring Planting Service Begins in May
Spring Planting Service for container gardens begins on May 14th this year - weather permitting. When the weather is nice (like it is today) we often get antsy to get the flowers in our containers but I implore you to wait until mid- to late-May. You wouldn't take a puppy away from it's mother early, would you? If you had a choice, you wouldn't choose to have a premature baby either. Likewise its best keep your little plants at the greenhouse for as long as you can! The nursery provides an ideal climate for young plants ensuring they will grow to be big and beautiful!

This year I'm offering two opportunities to get a discount on your service:
  1. Refer a friend to Patio Plants Unlimited or for a Landscape Design and receive a $25 discount.
  2. Schedule your planting service before next Friday, April 12th and receive a $5 discount. Don't miss this offer - call me at (970) 988-3808 or e-mail me today!
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