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Feels like Spring!

Happy First Day of Spring today! Officially, anyway, it's spring after the Spring Equinox but the weather could do anything. I hope you have had a good winter and can enjoy the spring sunshine. 

My Spring Planting Service for container gardens begins on May 13th this year (weather permitting). It's too early now to set out the plants, but it's the perfect time to make a plan!

  • Are you considering rearranging or adding to your container gardens? I'll be shopping for pottery in April - let me know if you need some new containers. Also, if your drip irrigation system needs to be amended, we can get that done before the plants arrive.
  • Would you like to tackle a larger landscaping project? I offer landscape design services for the do-it-yourself homeowner. Contact me to get the plans started now. 
  • Can't wait until May? If you just can't stand to wait until I plant in May, I can fill a pot or two with pansies and other cold-tolerant flowers for you. Call me (970-988-3808) or e-mail me and we'll get something set up.
In case you haven't noticed, I'm hoping to hear from you soon! Don't forget, refer Patio Plants Unlimited to a friend, you'll get a $25 discount on your spring planting service.
What I'm doing in my yard...
  • pruningAggressively pruning my shrubs and trees. First I cut out anything dead, dying or diseased then I removed up to 1/3 of the remaining plant. I admit to aggressively pruning for two reasons. First, that's just my horticultural "style" to cut first and ask questions later; and second, I don't actually get to prune all of my shrubs and trees every year. It's more like every other year or every three years between prunings so by the time I get to it, there's usually a lot of work to be done. Late winter/early spring (right now) is the best time to prune shrubs and trees. You can see what you're doing before they are leafed-out and the spores for many diseases are still dormant from the winter so there's less chance of infection in the cuts. (My cat, Merlin, is the yard work supervisor. He's in the picture by my knee.)
  • Cleaning up from last fall. I'm removing all the remaining debris from perennial plants and flowers and the leaves left-over from last fall. I heap as much of it as I possibly can onto my compost pile.
  • Enjoying the blooming Crocus flowers - and anxiously anticipating the gardening season!
What I should be doing in my yard...
  • wateringWatering! I was hoping the precipitation that was in the weather forecast this past week would do this chore for me. Unfortunately, that didn't really amount to anything so I will have to get the hose out. Evergreens especially appreciate a good, long drink at this time of year.
  • Turning the soil in the vegetable garden. It's time to loosen up that soil and get it rehydrated for planting.
  • Starting seeds for tomatoes, peppers, Brussels sprouts and herbs. We're about 6 to 8 weeks away from transplanting so it's time to get them started indoors.

If you have questions about what you're doing or what you should be doing, ask me! I won't pretend I have all the answers, but I always like to talk about plants! --Stephanie