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It's Spring Planting Time
If you have taken advantage of my spring planting service, you may have noticed a plant tag and stake in one of your planters. There are several tags which are split, like a bread-bag tie, so you can easily pull one off the stake. This way, when your friends are admiring your pretty flowers, it is easy for you to give them my name and number and you'll earn a $25 referral bonus, too!

I'm still planting all this week and next so if I haven't made it to your house yet (either by schedule or because of rain delay), please be patient! I'll be there soon and in the meantime I'm taking very good care of your plants. If you're not on my schedule, but you'd like to get plants put in -- please contact me right away.

By the way, if you've misplaced your instruction manual for the hose-end timer, you can find programming instructions on my website.
What I'm doing in my yard...
  • plumtreeMourning the death of my ornamental plum tree. Some kind of boring insect (probably the shothole borer) got to it last fall and it didn't make it through the winter. There are a number of deceased plum trees on my street and the same insect took out one of my cherry trees, too. I'm trying to think positively as I've always wanted a weeping Crabapple, but I loved that plum tree! This picture was taken last April when it was just beginning to bloom.
  • My husband and I are trying to keep up with lawn mowing, but this rain is making it quite a challenge!

  • Otherwise, I am so busy planting for others' that my yard will have to take care of itself for a couple of weeks.

What I should be doing in my yard... pretty containers
  • Setting up and planting my container gardens. I love container gardening!

  • Removing the suckers from the base of the trees. Many trees are grafted - the root stock and the top of the tree are different species or different cultivars. The suckers may be that original root stock trying to grow it's own species or it may simply be the nature of the tree. Regardless, suckers detract from the tree, are annoying, and should be removed. My Mountain Ash, Autumn Purple Ash, and the Sumacs all have suckers I need to remove.

  • In a couple of weeks, I'll set out or seed the warm-season vegetables including the tomatoes, pumpkins, beans and brussels sprouts in my garden.

  • Turning/harvesting the compost pile. This was on my to-do list last month and it's still on the list!

spacer.gifIf you have questions about what you're doing or what you should be doing, ask meI won't pretend I have all the answers, but I always like to talk about plants!