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Freeze Warning - Tonight!

The weather forecast calls for freezing temperatures overnight TONIGHT (October 17, 2011) and again tomorrow night. As a precaution, cover or bring in any plants you want to overwinter in the house. Sadly, most annuals will not keep for the winter. You might overwinter any plant you consider special (or expensive) such as a hibiscus, fuchsia, bougainvilla, or a banana tree. Geraniums can be overwintered, but they have a tendency to be messy. If you do bring in geraniums, cut them back and plan for their leaves to drop. Tomatoes still on the vine should be covered for the night, too. It will warm up again at the end of the week but winter is surely on it's way.

If you haven't had your home sprinkler system winterized yet, you can drain the back-flow preventer (aka anti-siphon valve) yourself and then have the rest of the system blown-out later. This is the most expensive component so you don't want it to freeze! The CSU extension office has put together some great instructions to do this.

Below is the winterizing guide for your patio irrigation system. It would be a good idea to remove the controller assembly and remove hoses from your hose spigots this evening.  If you are busy, I offer a fall clean up service to clear out and protect your containers for the winter. Contact me or give me a call at (970) 988-3808.

Stephanie Selig
tel: (970) 988-3808


1. Turn off the water at the spigot. Turn the hose-side toggle valve to release the water pressure. spigot.jpg

2. Detach the controller assembly at the spigot and below the filter/fertilizer unit. (See photo.) In case of threat of early freeze, remove this unit.

3. Remove the 9V battery for winter storage.

4. Do not blow-out your drip irrigation system - the components cannot withstand the high pressure. It is highly unlikely an above ground system will have freeze damage.

5. Since terra-cotta and ceramic planters absorb water, they have a tendency to crack in the winter. Minimize the risk of losing your planters by removing the dead plants and soil.

6. Need help?  Call Patio Plants Unlimited at (970) 988-3808.