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Which is Better? Final Recap of the Experiment

I am often asked if it wouldn't be better to just get hanging baskets from  the local nursery or discount store. My response is that the full-grown baskets will not last as long as the baskets I plant. To prove my point, I've been conducting this unscientific experiment this past season.

To remind you, the baskets are hanging side-by-side so there will be no difference in sun or wind exposure. The baskets are exactly the same - 12" diameter plastic pots. Both are plugged into my drip irrigation and I will do my best to treat them equally. My basket is filled with similar plants in the some color scheme: red, white and purple. The "big-box store" plant is on the left and the Patio Plants Unlimited basket is on the right.
Each month I took a picture and evaluated the plants... and the votes are in!
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check May Baskets
"The plants in both baskets are green and healthy, but the big-box store basket is fuller and has more blooms."


June Baskets
"The plants in the Patio Plants basket on the right have many more flowers and are greener even if they are shorter."


July Baskets
"The Patio Plants basket on the right has far more blooms, is greener and is more healthy."


check July Baskets
"The big-box store basket on the left recovered from it's pruning and is blooming well. The Patio Plants basket on the right was pruned more recently and needs another week to recover..."


Sept Baskets
"The big-box store basket looks as if it has completely given it up for the season. On the other hand, my basket on the right is still green and flowering!"


October baskets
Late in the season and the Patio Plants basket is still green and flowering!

(I brought both planters in when it got cold in early October. This photo was taken October 15.)

The votes are tallied.... by a vote of 4 to 2, the Patio Plants Unlimited basket looked better, more often. While it's very tempting in May to want instant gratification by buying a ready-made basket at the big-box store, it's apparent that a little patience goes a long way!

It's been a fun experiment for me this year; I hope you enjoyed following along.

Stephanie Selig
tel: (970) 988-3808