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In the Landscape

Did you know more plants die of thirst rather than freezing to death in the winter months in Colorado? We think of these as our cold and snowy months, but there may be weeks with little to no precipitation. Even plants and trees which have gone dormant for the winter still require water. Your "woody" plants -- trees, shrubs and evergreens (especially any newly planted trees or shrubs) will need a drink of water every 3 to 4 weeks, depending on the weather. If you can, set your hose just to trickle and leave it in one spot for 15-20 mintues for a good, deep soaking. 

I find that watering my trees is like washing the car -- wash the car and it will rain; water the trees and there's sure to be snow!

Next Year's Expansion

Are you thinking of adding to or changing around your container gardens next summer? Local nurseries have their pottery on clearance sale for as much as 50% off!  Contact me to add the irrigation lines and you'll be ready for plants next May.

Decorating Your Containers in Winter

Autumn’s leaves are gone, everything is dried out and we find ourselves starving for color. Use your patio containers for some colorful winter decorating! There are so many fun ways to decorate your patio:

silk and spakles     *  all naturals (such as above);

    *  a splash of glimmer with silk flowers and sparkly balls (left); or

    *  dressed-up naturals (such as the evergreen snowflakes below, right). 

Your containers will be a welcoming color display right outside your front door. Fresh cut evergreens last for weeks in the cold temperatures.

I’d love to help you with your holiday decorating with custom fresh cut arrangements —
email me or give me a call!
evergreen snowflakes

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